Monday, March 26, 2012

And we're back in cloth!!

So B and I are heading to Florida later this week to visit some family and I've been back and forth about bringing cloth diapers or putting him in sposies. I wanted to make sure the yeast was completely gone before I even entertained the idea of cloth. After stripping my stash I started testing them out again on Friday and so far so good! We still did disposables at night since he doesn't get changed overnight, but all day we had him in lovely fluff! 

B had his 6 month well-check today and the doctor confirmed the yeast is gone!!!! You would have thought he told me B was the next Einstein or something. I was so excited, so we're back to cloth full time! And just to give you an idea of how much of an addict I am, I contemplated buying a new diaper just to commemorate the occasion! But then I remembered I have a lovely diaper just sitting and waiting to be worn. It's a review diaper (wouldn't you know) that I've had prepped and just staring at me waiting to be loved. What better way to review the new fluff than putting it through the travel ringer! 

Any tips from you cloth-diapering mama's on travel? I don't think Polish Prince be too impressed with the idea of investing in a travel system (flips or something like them) so I'm planning on bringing my stash. But it will be a non-stop 4 hour plane ride, so I'll take any suggestions! 

Wish me luck and keep your eye out, my first official cloth diaper giveaway will be coming up soon!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Custard'n Jelly Review/Giveaway

Sorry for all you foodies, this is not a food-based giveaway. But I assure you it's something just as sweet!! I was introduced to the company Custard'n Jelly from another blogger friend and am sure glad she sent them my way! This is a kid-created company, that also donates a proceeds of their sales to kid-based charities. It doesn't get more sugar coated and oozing in sweetness than that!! The premise of this business is guardian angel dolls. The backstory comes with every doll. I'll share it with you here:

 Hi, I'm Ally. When I was 8, I drew some pictures of guardian angels. i got the idea because my grampa is my guardian angel. I thought it would be cool if all kids had a guardian angel, and so my mom, my dad and I started this company. 

Each of our 7 angels has a unique emotional strength and pledges to watch over her young owner. 

We wanted to find a way that the angels could help other kids, too. so, we have joined forces with 3 children's charities. With every purchase, Custard'n Jelly will make a donation to one of the charities, and the child gets to choose which one! Find out more at

Naturally, I had to have one. Custard'n Jelly was so sweet to send me one to review and is giving one of my lucky readers a doll of their choosing! A little about the doll I chose. After reviewing their website here, I chose to review Laney. It was such a hard decision because they are all adorable and each have a great message. You can even see Ally's original drawings that were brought to life in doll form! I chose Laney for a few reasons:

1) I believe my mother is my guardian angel and for some reason, when I saw Laney, I immediately thought of my mom. 
2) Her training is in "making wishes". I make wishes every day. Most recently is this blog. My wish to share experiences, products, companies, advice with people in hopes of reminding them we aren't alone on this tumbling journey into parenthood. 
3) Her special skill is "painting rainbows". I love what rainbows symbolize, the peace and beauty after a storm. I think as parents we've all had those moments where you feel you're just riding the storm out and to me, a rainbow signifies you made it. Someone is looking out for you. 

Next to a dollar for a size comparison

While the doll is made for children 3 and up, I have no problem placing Laney in B's room as his guardian angel. I want him to know he always has someone looking out for him from above. While he may not understand the concept now, he will as he gets older, and as he learns about his grandmother, he can hold his guardian angel and know she's with him. 

Once I got Laney out and started to "play" with her for this review, I found the registration code to enter online to ensure another child is helped by registering this doll. The 3 charities you can choose from are:

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing pediatric HIV infection and eliminating pediatric AIDS through research, advocacy, and prevention, care, and treatment programs

Child Find of America, a nonprofit organization which helps reunite missing and abducted children with their families 

Children Incorporated, a non-profit organization that provides resources for children in need in the United States and abroad, because we passionately believe that children everywhere deserve education, hope and opportunity

The registration process is very easy and a great idea to start teaching children about the world. I feel that as parents it's our job to teach our kids that there is a world beyond them, children less fortunate, families in need, and children who's big concern is not "getting the newest video game" but actually "getting the newest treatment." What a great way to start this conversation and get kids involved! 

Overall I give this doll 5 stars! I think the concept is great, I think the story is great, I think the price is great ($14.99), and I think the message is amazing. I know I will be spoiling some birthday present surprises for family members, but my nieces will all be getting these dolls for their birthday/holidays. I only say nieces because I don't have any nephews yet. :) But these dolls will be great for boys  (as previously mentioned this doll will be going in B's room) and girls; any kid can dream and everyone needs a guardian angel!

Enter to win a doll of your choice below! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012


B just celebrated his 6 month birthday! With that excitement comes all sorts of new milestones he seems to be reaching for, whether I want him to or not!! He was blessed with his 2 bottom teeth on his 4 month birthday, and not to be outdone, his 2 top teeth keep playing peek-a-boo! He is also a baby on the go! He wants to crawl! Desperately! Anytime, anywhere, without regard for personal safety! 

It makes me sad that when I look at him I no longer see my chubby little baby, he's slowly turning into a little boy. An active, noisy, (occasionally dirty), little boy. Whenever he gets on all fours and starts to wiggle and rock, in my head I want to gently push his little bum down and encourage him to still be a baby. Ok, maybe not just in my head, I did try it a couple times when this "crawling" idea started to present itself to me. The joke was on me though! He still practiced, at night, while I was trying to sleep. Touche little man, touche.

It's crazy to me to think that this time last year he was still very much a mystery. We knew he was developing well but that was all we knew. To see him now, see his personality developing, his stubbornness with figuring out the world, his desire to learn and grow and eat-everything, makes me sad to see the last 6 months gone, but excited to see where the next 6 months will take him. I've said it before the only constant is change. He's only consistent at being inconsistent. I only hope that 6 years from now, when my life is completely different, I'll read this post and remember exactly how I'm feeling as I'm watching him right now; rolling all over the floor, squealing with excitement each time he makes it to his knees. I know the sleepless nights will start to blur, the concern about how, when, where to babyproof will fade, and I'll just remember bliss. No television on, windows slightly cracked with birds chirping, and B on his belly, scooting towards our poor, unassuming dog Harley, determined to eat the tags on his dog collar. Yup, that's my bliss. :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My very first GIVEAWAY!!!!

Being a new parent I'm constantly inundated with parenting advice, whether solicited or not. It's hard to learn and "choose" what style of parent you will become until you are actually placed in that situation. At least that's been my experience thus far. I've heard a lot about attachment parenting from friends and articles I've read, and when this book came out I was so excited to read it! Truth be told, this is the first time I've actually read a "parenting book."

Touchstone/Simon & Schuster agreed to send me a copy to review and provide a copy for one of my lucky readers. So let's jump right in! 

Let me first start by saying, the idea of attachment parenting can be viewed as extreme to some people, but in my opinion, any method of parenting can have have those tendencies. There are basically 8 principles that are the basis for Attachment Parenting, as Mayim describes in her book. What I think that's great is she comes right out and says " one does all eight perfectly, nor do you have to subscribe to all of them to benefit from these principles". This was at the beginning of the book, and probably what got me most excited to read more. In trying to figure out little B with what he does, why he does, when is he going to stop doing it etc. I became very overwhelmed. As my Type-A personality started to shine I wanted to "fix" him. I would get frustrated when he wouldn't do what I wanted him to do. Namely, sleep at night, and nap consistently during the day. Now, when I look at my situation objectively, I'm crazy. Certifiably looney-tunes to expect my little 5 month old baby to be consistent at anything except being inconsistent. :) I started to research sleep training, as is quite popular with this age group, and couldn't find one that I felt really worked for our family.I decided I needed to broaden my horizons and maybe, just maybe, stop focusing on how often he's waking up, and just revel in the fact that he's an overall happy, developmentally "normal" baby. I think she says it best by saying "But this is not a parenting book...Parenting books make me feel that I am failing and inadequate since I can't--or wont--get my baby to (fill in the blank). I guarantee you that I don't know how to raise your kids, I know how to raise mine." That statement right there made it easier for me to open my mind to a different perspective and realize that this author was not telling me what I must do, rather some options to consider when making my own choices.

Attitude shifting was another thing I really like about this book. Mayim voices some opinions and lifestyles that work for her that are not necessarily a good fit for my family. She makes it a point periodically to say that just because it's working for her family does not mean you have to do it. It's merely keeping an open mind about other options out there for parenting. I will admit, she even got me somewhat intrigued about natural childbirth! Not sure if I'd have the guts or dedication to try it, but she presented it (as well as other touchy subjects) in such a way that it sounded doable if that's the direction you wanted to go. Her synopsis on gentle discipline was not an all-encompassing book on how to discipline your child, but rather an overview. At certain points throughout the book she also gives you places for additional resources if you want to follow up on a subject. SUPER handy for areas where you may want additional information. For me, it was discipline, and teaching kids without pressuring them.

Overall, I was glad I read the book. Did I agree with 100% of her practices? No. Do I plan to replicate her entire lifestyle in my daily life? No. Do I plan to take pieces of what she has had success with and modify them to fit our family's needs. You bet your pretty little face I will (and already am). I feel if Mayim were standing right here and I was to tell her that, her response would be "Great! You understood my book then!" She writes in a way that makes you feel like she's a friend having a conversation about parenting. She backs up her reasoning with science (She has a PhD in Neuroscience!) and lays a great foundation to answer almost any "why" question you can come up with. I found the book incredibly engaging and even got Polish Prince excited when I read a few passages out loud! I'm very glad I had the opportunity to read it and definitely recommend it to anyone looking to broaden their parenting repertoire! 

One lucky fan is going to get their free copy! Enter below! 


Let me start this by saying, I LOVE wearing little B! Even when he was a fussy, cranky, sleepless newborn, I would wrap him up and walk, and bounce, and rock, and do anything else I could think of that would soothe him. My into to babywearing was simple. My friend Casey and I played with all the ones we could find at BuyBuyBaby. I had NO idea there was a whole community of babywearers and different types of carriers. After much research,(And YouTube video watching) I decided I wanted something soft, somewhat stretchy, fabric based,and breathable. Afterall, this kid was being born in September in the desert. It was going to be hot! We settled on a Baby K'Tan. It's basically a fabric wrap for beginners. PERFECT! It was less intimidating than the Moby (which people adore) and seemed to be a good one to grow with little B. Once I practiced with the instructions, I felt pretty confident in wearing him around. It was hard to believe how secure he felt all wrapped up in there! I wore him around the house, around the mall, around outdoor events. EVERYWHERE!

The Baby K'Tan just a few days old

 After he got a few months older and gained some head control, my sweet B did not want to be stuck inside his little cocoon. He was fascinated with the world around him and wanted to see everything! Thankfully I was introduced to a babywearing meeting with a representative of Babywearers International of Phoenix. I got to try on different carriers, and learn about the proper way to wear a baby. Turns out there are options beyond the Bjorn! I learned that it's best for baby to be in a seated position with their knees at or above their hips, this is the most ergonomic for little ones. After the meeting, I decided that wraps were still too intimidating for me, and I decided on a soft-structured carrier (SSC). One of the most popular one is an Ergo. It can be worn on the front or back and is easily adjustable between partners. I however went with a Scootababy. These are a little more obscure, as they are hard to find in local retailers. The great thing about the Scootababy is that it can be worn on the hip. Perfect for my wide-eyed infant and great for toddlers. Think about it. When you hold your baby in your arms where are they usually at? Straddling your hip. So, naturally I HAD to have one. I can't say how much I love my decision. Once I got it, I found it can also be worn on the front and back. When B needs a nap, I put him in on the front and after a little bouncing he goes right to sleep! I even got Polish Prince to give it a try! He wears him around the house when he's cranky and is struggling to sleep. B that is, not Polish Prince! :)

Family photo
 The more I wear B, the more I realize the stroller is just for carrying things. We went to a spring training game yesterday, lawn seats require blankets, and babies require pretty much everything else. So, to make it all in one trip, we brought the stroller. It hauled everything while B was riding along in the Scootababy, happy as can be! when he needed a nap round the 5th inning, back in the carrier he went for a solid 45 minutes, at a noisy, warm, outdoor baseball game! 

Baseball Game! (he is clothed, I promise!)

 I highly encourage any of you to check out facebook, or even google, to find your local Babywearing chapter and learn about the different carriers out there. It can be expensive buying a bunch of different ones and not knowing which ones are most comfortable for you. Some local boutiques may also carry brands that big box baby stores don't. It's a great opportunity to try them on and get familiar! Stay tuned for part 2 of this post. I'm taking a ring sling with me on a vacation. It's made of UV protective material and is great in the water. I'll keep you posted (no pun intended) on how it does! 

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Weekend Events

Happy early St. Patrick's Day everyone! This is the time for everyone to celebrate being Irish, even if you're not! My mother was part Irish, so myself and little B have some celebrating to do this weekend! Sunday is supposed to be pretty crummy in the Valley of the Sun, BUT there are still some fun events going on this weekend! Hope to see you all out and about!

1) Anyone out in San Tan Valley? There is a mini-hike, crafts, and "Find Me Green Lucky Charms" Scavenger hunt for kids! Check out the details here. All you pay is $6 for parking! 

2) Not St. Patty's Day themed, but how fun does this sound for kiddos! Out in Fountain Hills, McDowell Mountain Regional Park is hosting a Reptile and Live Animal Feeding! Details are here. All you pay is $6 for parking! 

3) Totally FREE! Mesa Arts Festival! MACFest is a free event featuring unique artist creations, music and fun for the whole family. This it the last Saturday in March for the event. Come out from 10:00am to 4:00pm. Additional details here.

These are just a few I was able to find before heading out to start our day. Please comment below if you know of anything else going on around the Valley this weekend! 

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to Make a Baby

1 part boy
1 part girl
1 bottle of wine (optional)

Combine all ingredients. Bake for 9 months, remove from oven and enjoy!

Seems simple right? Turns out this is not the recipe for some people. Yours truly to be exact. B was not sleeping too well last night (lingering effects of a head cold) so I was up, reflecting on the past couple years and how my life got to where it is now. I know! Pretty deep thoughts for 1am! :) Well, this is my recipe for how to make a baby

1 part boy
1 part girl
2 months of various tests
1 team of fertility specialists
1 round of drug injections
1 highly invasive x-ray
1 very special way to spend the day after Christmas

Be sick for 7 months, lose 10 pounds before gaining 45, bake, and bake, AND bake until you are about ready to serve an eviction notice to said oven. Remove via "emergency" dis-assembly of oven rather than the all natural "open the door" route, remove and enjoy!

Cooked to perfection!

To jump back just a little bit, I never thought I would struggle with infertility. Here I was mid-20's, healthy, non-smoker, rare drinker, IDEAL baby-making factory, or so it seemed. Shows how naive I was! When I first realized something wasn't "right" I didn't know what kinds of questions to ask, or who to ask them to. On paper, I shouldn't have these issues. Everyone kept saying "once you stop trying, it will happen", "when it's meant to be, it will be"....yeah yeah yeah. EXACTLY what I wanted to hear! :) Turns out, I have a form of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom. When my doctor told me that, the first thing I did was hit Google. BIG mistake. I didn't fit the mold at all! But the ultrasound pictures didn't lie. So, off to a fertility specialst we went. The next month seemed like a blur, everything happend fast, shot here, pills there, cream here, x-ray next, sample here, looooooong tube WHERE?!, and again, a very memorable day after Christmas. We were told we had a less than 20% chance of conceiving "spontaneously" (think Teen Mom style). With the first few rounds of fertility treatments being IUI (Intra-uterine insemination) our chances of conception went to just under 50%. We had 3 different options for fertility treatments, each round increased our chances of conceiving, but those chances also increased the likelihood of multiples. Given that we weren't in a huge hurry and thought about getting pregnant summer of 2011 we started "small" with the IUI. Thankfully we had great insurance that helped cover some of these costs.

You know that they say "you make a plan and God laughs". Well joke was on us! We got pregnant with the first IUI. When we took the test, I was in disbelief. We pretty much stayed in shock for the first 6-8 weeks or so. It wasn't supposed to happen so fast, it wasn't supposed to work yet. Sure we were planning and "trying" but we thought we had time! Now what?! As soon as the shock started to fade, the morning sickness set in, and never really let up! Once we hit 12 weeks, it was safe to tell family and we told friends around 16 weeks or so. This was after many ultrasounds to confirm health, and MANY more to confirm there was just one little bambino in there! Fast forward 9 months, my water broke on my actual due date and little baby B came one day later via c-section. All 9lbs 3 ounces of him! We chose not to find out if we were having a boy or girl, so we were quite surprised when we got to meet him for the first time!

Part of me thought it would be interesting to fill you in our background and the other part of me wanted to raise some awareness about infertility. After going through what we went through, I started learning more and more young couples go through this. I don't know if it's more common nowadays or if it's just that people are more willing to talk about it, but it's nice to feel like you're not alone. A friend of mine told me about the Walk of Hope.

 "The Walk of Hope is a day to recognize the many ways in which families are built. People of all ages can participate as a walker or donor and raise awareness of how the disease of infertility impacts families nationwide. Funds raised from the Walk support local programming which includes support groups and educational events, public awareness initiatives, and advocacy efforts to ensure all family building options are available to all."

You can bet Polish Prince, myself and B will be there walking! To support us, you can click here.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Feeling Inspired!

I know I'm new to the world of blogging, but I just got a great email back from  Tommee Tippee about their willingness to sponsor a review and giveaway. My very FIRST one! I'm so excited because being just "little old me" I never thought a large company would be open to working with a newbie. It feels like a tiny version of the American Dream! :) Stay tuned readers, great things are coming!! :) 

AND...part 2 of the stripping is almost complete pulled all the dipes out of the wash and they are sunning as we speak. Here's to hoping that yucky yeast is finally gone! I can not wait to be back in cloth. Even Polish Prince is ready. The disposables don't fit the same, they aren't nearly as soft, AND we bought a pack of 70 last Friday (3/9 just 4 days ago!)-yeah-we are halfway through it already. There's $20 I'll never see again. Wait, I will see it, when I take out the trash. :(. Nothing against sposie lovers, but being a cloth junkie, it's hard to see all those diapers go in the trash when I'm so used to seeing them go in the wash and come back to life! And I'll even admit it, when I change him in public, I'm not nearly as excited because there's nothing fun to look at! I changed him Sunday at Barnes and Noble and while I was changing him, he kicked the whole package of wipes in the trash, a WHOLE package! This is of course after I threw his dirty #2 diaper in there, so while frugal, i'm not crazy. There was no way I was going dumpster diving in a public bathroom trash after those wipes, so there's another $5 or so literally down the garbage! My whole diaper changing routine is just off with disposable diapers and wipes! So, back to the title of this post, I'm inspired that the dipes are sunning, his rash is about 85% clear, and cloth is back in the very near future!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

What is Ebates?

I absolutely LOVE Ebates. Since having B, alot of my shopping is done online. I still like to go to the mall and wander around, but if I really want to be efficient, shop the sales, get the best deals, doing it with an infant is not the way. Ebates is for any of you online shoppers. 

Basically, you start on the Ebates page and link to whatever website you want to shop at. So...let's say you want to order a new carseat (I say this because this was our reality a few weeks ago). You can order said carset from a website such as Babies R Us, BuyBuyBaby, or All 3 great stores, all offer free shipping, all offer the carseat for relatively the same price. So, check Ebates, see which store offers the most cash back and buy from there! 

HUH? Too easy? Must be a scam? Well here's how Ebates works:

 "Just like almost every other online shopping center, we get a commission from the stores when you make a purchase. Instead of keeping that money - like almost all other sites do - we share it with you!" --Ebates.

Seems crazy right? It's not! It's totally legit! Since I started using Ebates, roughly a year ago, I've already received over $135.00. They send you a check, yes an actual check, in the mail every quarter.  So basically I'm getting money back for things I'm already planning to buy! AND with many stores offering free shipping or ship to store options, you don't pay extra for those perks AND you get money back! I posted a link on the side of this page to direct you to Ebates. Feel free to look around, check out what stores they work with and what the cash back potential is at these stores. I guarantee you won't be disappointed! I've made Ebates my homepage just so I am reminded when I log on the computer to start there if I plan on shopping!! I hope you have the same success! 

How to get that pre-baby body back

To quote a favorite movie of mind "Someone's got a case of the Mondays..." When did Monday's get such a bad rap? As a SAHM, every day can either be a Monday or a Friday depending on attitude. Trust me, I'll get to the point of this post and make the title make sense in a minute. :) Attitude and choice dictate our lives, I think it's important as a SAHM to take care of yourself, model good choices and behaviors for your children, and have a little fun once in a while!

After having a baby everything tends to...well...shift, for lack of a better word. Attitude, eating habits, energy-level, and yes, physical appearance. Those days when you can barely muster up enough energy to do some laundry seem to be never ending those first couple months and those pre-pregnancy jeans keep staring at you from the closet. Taunting, practically saying "ha ha yeah right, just TRY to put me on." Maybe I'm alone in this but I'm going to venture a guess that some of you may be able to relate :)

A little backstory, I was not a happy pregnant person, I was sick 7 out of the 9 months, throwing up all the way through labor and after my c-section, yet I still managed to gain 45 pounds! Not bad in the world of yoga pants, but in reality, where denim exists, it just didn't work for me. So what did I do? Made a choice! I went back to my old standby, Body Heart.

Body Heart Fitness Studio is a women's only fitness studio in Gilbert, AZ. Joan is a certified personal trainer with plenty of years of experience. I take her Ladies Only Fitness Boot Camp, and have been for years (minus the whole pregnancy time). Not only is she a great person, she's a great motivator. She finds ways to challenge your body while still making you feel empowered. The fact that it's all women as well gives me a sense of camaraderie. It also gives me a sense of accountability! This is not a gym, there are no treadmills, elliptical machines, etc, but there are people; family. When I miss a class for whatever reason, I feel like I'm missing time with my friends. When I was pregnant my workout buddies and Joan threw me an adorable baby shower, and these are women I'd only known 2 times as week for an hour each time. I think when we have our moments of insecurity, it's nice to have a group of people to turn to that can help you through it as well as make you stronger, figuratively and literally! :) Joan celebrates positivity, women in their true form (Because let's face it, we're not all built like Jennifer Aniston), and healthy attitudes. She offers not only fitness classes but nutrition classes and offers DAYCARE for your little one! When I go to class Monday mornings, B comes with me. He gets to play with a nanny/babysitter for the hour I work out. He's in a separate room so I still have "me-time" but he's not far away ( I found this SO helpful my first couple weeks back and leaving him for the first time). If you have older kids, feel free to bring them and they can hang out in the playroom.

As a success story, I hit pre-baby weight when B was just under 4 months old, all while still being able to enjoy my dark chocolate covered cherries :) Joan is not a magician, you do have to work, but she has a great energy and sense of humor and if she can put up with my nonsense, she can handle pretty much anything! :) 

If you are looking for a gym-alternative or something to supplement all your workout ideas that you've pinned on Pinterest. I HIGHLY recommend you check out her website, like her on Facebook, pop in for a class! You won't regret it!

This is my own personal opinion/experience, I have not been compensated in any way for this review.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


This store gets their own post. I absolutely LOVE Zoolikins. To make sure I get this right, I'm quoting their website "It's a mother-owned and operated boutique focusing on safe, creative, natural products for baby and beyond; located in Old Town Scottsdale." When I first started with cloth-diapering, I would spend a good chunk of time there. The mommies that work there are not only super knowledgeable, but patient as well!! I'm still learning the CD terminology, and they have a great way of teaching you the necessary vocabulary without making you feel dumb! :) After my first couple pop-in sessions, I came out with a pretty clear understanding of the terminology. This was how I discovered my love for pockets, AIO's and AI2's. I'd almost venture to say (should baby #2 be in our future) I would give pre-folds a try! This is also why my stash is varied. Every time I go in there I get a tutorial on a new or different type of diaper and get inspired to give it a try!

Not only do they have a great selection of cloth diapers to learn about and explore (I'm a hands-on learner myself), but they have a little baby-wearing section too. You can just pop in and ask questions or sign up for any of their FREE cloth diapering and baby-wearing classes. Talk about a great service to the community!! My friend Amie and I have been frequenting the shop in the past couple months and they know us by name, and even when we go separately, they will mention the other person. What great customer service!! Polish Prince likes them too. He tends to get lost in the game/toy section! :) When we popped in yesterday, I promised him it would be a quick trip, I found him looking at all the fun wooden toys and skip hop gear! You know it's a good store when even dad's don't mind going!

I "like" them on Facebook and was excited to see they are offering a FREE baby music class at the end of the month. You can bet I'm going to be there! That will be a review to come later! :). Another note regarding their Facebook page. They are great about answering any questions you have regarding cloth diapering right on their Facebook wall. And if for some small reason they can't troubleshoot what you're going through, you can always call and they'll talk you through it over the phone. 

Long story short: I have no problem spending money at this store and feeling like I'm getting a good product that's been tested and retested and the moms there have personal experience with. You can also buy online and ship anywhere, or buy online and pick up locally. Totally convenient! Zoolikins has no clue that I'm doing this review, but I think I'll share it with them on Facebook just for some free publicity for them. I can't say enough good things about this place! I hope if you're in Scottsdale or cruising the internet for some fluff you'll check them out!!


No, this is not to support my cloth diaper addiction, it's time to get the yuckies out! My poor B has been struggling with yeast for the past week or so. Blame it on first-time-mommy-ness, but I didn't realize that it could:

A) Affect boys
B) LIVE in cloth diapers! I went to pick up some RLR (at one of my favorite local shops, Zoolikins) and get to work. Now, this has the potential to be 3 posts in one, so I'll try to stay with the issue at hand and not digress too much. After reviewing one of my all time favorite websites for cloth diaper info: Padded Tush Stats, I learned a little bit about the best way to kill yeast in CD's. Lots of HOT water and a good old fashioned strip. Since I tend to love Fuzzibunz, I have alot of microfiber inserts. Great for absorption, but also great for holding on to some nastiness. Out come all the pockets, all the AI2's unsnapped, liners and wipes dug out from every crazy place they end up getting stored. Now that I think I have all of them, here we go! The key is making sure they get a good wash first with detergent. I'm trying a new "make at home" recipe that I'll share in another post. I've also used Rockin Green and Lulu's in the Fluff, but I'm not taking any chances with this yeast monster. Also, AZ has notoriously hard water so the Borax in the at-home recipe will serve as a natural water softener. Who knew? :)

"They" say you should strip roughly every 6-8 weeks, and truthfully it's not that bad. Not really eco-friendly due to the excessive rinsing it takes with my HE frontloader, but overall not a bad process. I'm also fortunate enough to live in the Valley of the Sun, so my dipes can get a nice thorough sunning when they're done. Also a big help for killing yeast.

So, long story short, we're in sposies for the next week or so to make sure all that badness is completely gone. Insert mommy guilt here for not thinking of this sooner!!! Is 5 months too early for an apology milkshake?? :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Great Cloth Diaper Change!

Hey Everyone, want to be a part of a Guinness World Record?

Check this out: Great Cloth Diaper Change. There are two locations in the Phoenix Metro Area: 
Midwives Rising: 7th St/McDowell
Kiwanis Park: Mill/Baseline Ramada #5

Hope to see you and all your fluff there!

Finally, some cloth love!

I know I said this blog would be about cloth-diapering as well, so it's about time I do some writing! I'll start by saying "Hello, my name is Kristin, and I'm cloth diaper addict.".

I was first introdcued to the new way of cloth diapering about 5 or so years ago, back when I was still living in Wisconsin. My good friend Kate was (and is) a cloth diapering junkie! DISCLAIMER: I say this because it's true and Kate knows I love her dearly!! At that time I had just gotten engaged and was planning a wedding, I really had no desire to learn about diapers, baby-wearing, co-sleeping etc. But, Kate was so excited, I had to listen, at least with one ear! My take-aways from those early conversations were: Laundry, huge booties on these darling little babies, and a jam-packed diaper bag. Now, this is not to say Kate scared me from the idea, but it was probably my disinterest at the time that focused on some of the "scary" sides of CD'ing. Now, fast forward about 4.5 years.

 I'm pregnant, planning on going back to work, and looking into the idea of a diaper service. there is one, yes one, that comes recommended in this giant city of Phoenix. All pre-folds, there was talk of snappis, and wet pails, and folding different ways. Once again, I find myself in the world of intimidation and time. I didn't feel like messign around learning how to fold a piece of fabric, and I didnt like the idea that you didnt get the same diapers back that you turned in. I also began to worry about chemicals that were used to strip/shock the diapers from goodness knows what other babies had done in those same diapers. Call me a control freak, but this didn't seem appealing to me. So, sposies it is!

We did disposables until early this year, and looking back, I'm kind of glad we did. It made it easier for others to help, easier to get used to having a baby and changing diapers in the first place, easier to not have to worry about a specific laundry routine, and the list could go on. This was working well until we made the decision that I would become a SAHM. In an effort to save money, and because I felt like I would have the time to devote to learning a laundry routine, I scheduled a 1:1 info session with a new friend Amie. She showed me her cloth routine, brands she used and why, and basically made the whole process less intimidating. Next was a phone call to Kate, to humble myself and tell her I was contemplating (let's be honest-one click away from buying out an online diaper store) switching to cloth. You would have thought I told her I won the lottery!

We started little B in cloth around 4 months old. This was great because "little" B is not so little, he could already fit into Medium's in the sized diapers, and hopefully can wear them through potty training. We bought a variety of brands and styles to find what works best. Some of my favs so far are:
  • Fuzzibunz. I adore the Perfect Size for daytime-super trim so clothes don't fit weird! Their one-size is great too! Not as trim but not as bulky as many other one-sizes out there. They also are the most stain-proof that I've experienced.
  • BottomBumpers. I liked the one size and the sized, again trim and absorbent for daytime, and fun gender neutral prints!
  • BumGenius. I like the Freetime and Elemenetals, these are good for daddy, nothing to stuff, no side snaps (which seem to be difficult for my Polish Prince), just toss it in the pail when done
  • Thirsties. I like there new AIO, but I'm in love with their Fab Fitted Duo's for overnights. Those with a hemp insert are leak-proof for B
  • Rump-a-rooz. I think these are just fun. I love the inner gusset and the fact they come with two soakers. They also have some fun prints. 
Now, because I'm a self-declared "addict", I do have a couple other brands, the Go-Green Pocket diaper and the Grovia AIO. I haven't fully tested these yet, so I'll give my opinion later, but I do have very high hopes!I did try the Bumkins pockets as well. I got sucked in by the Dr. Seuss prints and the fact they were on a 2 for 1 sale! I still use these on laundry day or knocking around the house. They do their job, but they're not my favorite. The pocket has a large gap in the back so the insert tends to "poke" out. The microfiber insert can be harsh on sensitive bums. and I've found there are just some other brands that I prefer more.  

I plan to fill you in more on why I seem to prefer AIO's or pocket diapers as this blog progresses, but thought I would give you a little insight into my back story. I will also share with you some great local places to purchase these lovely goods at!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

B's Baptism

As some of you know, we had B baptized a few weeks ago. I credit Pinterest for a lot of my craftiness leading up to the event, but also got the opportunity to work with a great local business. I always had big plans for my wedding dress. I'm not the type of girl to spend a ton of money on a dress, wear it once, and then preserve it in a box under my bed for the rest of eternity. So, I decided-long before ever having children-that my dress would be fashioned into something for the future baby. Initially I was drawn to bassinet bedding, then reality hit that I would never be the girl that owned a bassinet. So, plan B. Baptism outfits!

I had this beautiful Maggie Sottero dress that was champagne with burgundy accents, perfect for piecing together a little mans outfit. I searched around and came in contact with a lovely woman named Gemma. Not only was she able to deconstruct my corseted wedding gown, she was able to piece it into a fantastic 3 piece outfit for B! Shirt, pants, a vest, and probably the most adorable bow tie you've ever seen! She was able to do it in my meager 3 week time-frame and for a VERY reasonable price!

Needless to say, B was quite the star on his big day! We're having her make a little girl's outfit too--who knows what the future may hold! If you are in the Phoenix metro area and need any type of sewing or alterations done, I highly recommend Gemma's Fashion! This is my own personal endorsement, Gemma probably doesn't even have a clue I'm writing this, I'm just beyond thrilled with my end  result and wanted you all to have the same great experience!

The "before"

The "after"

And for for future baby girl :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Moms at the Movies

Ok, if you're anything like me (pre-baby), the thought of a bunch of moms WITH babies at a movie theater does not sound like a great way to spend the afternoon. Heck, even post-baby the idea of bringing my baby to the movies was a little intimidating. Would he sit still (relatively speaking) for that long? Would I even be able to watch the movie? Will he scream his adorable little face off for whatever reason he deems appropriate? All very valid concerns, so what do I do? Gather a great group of girlfriends and their babies and give it a whirl. Buy Buy Baby is sponsoring "Bring your Baby" to the movies. It's the first Tuesday of every month here in the Phoenix metro area. There are 3 theaters that participate and it's only $5! It's breast-feeding friendly, stroller friendly, a little bit brighter lights and a little bit softer sound. Not knowing what to expect, I bought tickets early and waited for my friends outside. Once we all arrived we headed into the theater. There were about 40-50 other moms with their kids varying from a few weeks to I'd say under 2 years old. There were blankets on the floor, carseats on normal seats, and strollers everywhere! It was fantastic!! We staked out a spot, got comfortable, and settled in. Wouldn't you know, B did so great!! About a half hour into the movie he got a little antsy, so I nursed him, then stood up (without people yelling "down in front!") and wrapped him in my carrier. We stood on the side of the theater until he fell asleep. He slept for the last 1.5 hours of the movie!! This was great news to me considering he has been protesting sleep in any form lately. Other babies were in varying forms of dis-interest throughout the movie, some crying, some yelling, some playing, etc. and I didn't notice one mom that seemed freaked out by it. It was like in this huge room full of virtually all strangers, we all shared some sort of bond. No one judging for being "that person bringing their baby to a movie" or for having the screaming kid, or nursing in public. It was just...dare I say...relaxing! It was the first movie post-baby for me, and first movie in a theater in a long time, but safe to say, I think I'll make this a habit! When I checked out the website it seemed multiple states participated in this type of event! I love the fact it was only $5. I brought my own popcorn, candy, and water. It didn't seem to be a big deal (although I did feel quite sneaky smuggling it in a diaper bag) :). I think its a great way to get some "me-time" despite being a "we".

Here's where to find out if there's a participating theater in your area! 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Blogging for Beginners

I guess I should start by introducing myself. I'm Kristin, I'm a 28 year old stay at home mom of my five and a half month old little man, I'll call him "B". We live in the 'burbs of Phoenix, AZ but are originally from the mighty Midwest. I have been married slightly over 4 years to a wonderful man who I refer to as my Polish Prince. Despite him being a Chicago Bears fan and me being a Green Bay Packers fan, we seem to make this marriage thing work. Not to say it's not without struggles, but at the end of the day I can look at him and truly believe he was made for me.

If you would have asked me five years ago if I would be a stay-at-home mom, living in the desert, cloth diapering my child, refusing to pay full price for, well, anything really, I would have driven you to the nearest walk-in clinic and had you drug tested. I loved my life in Wisconsin, I had a great job, great friends, great family, and had just met the man I would eventually marry. I had no clue what the future held, and that was kind of exciting. I don't want to say I was "judgey" (you'll learn I like to make up words here and there), but I would look at other people and say to myself, or sometimes outloud, I will NEVER do that to my child, I would NEVER live there, coupons? Ugh, just pay for it and get the line moving already, and the list could really go on (Upon reading this, I may not have been the most open-minded person, ya think?). Then it happened, I guess it was a couple months ago now, but I inevitably hit that point where I looked in the mirror and said (outloud of course), "Wow, I've become THAT person". I still hope to never have to utter the infamous "I've become my mother" phrase but truthfully, the older I get, I start to realize there could be worse things! :)

Since I'm new to this whole "blogging" thing, I hope you'll bear with me as I work through the kinks. I mainly wanted to start as a way to get all my thoughts out there about pretty much anything. Motherhood has taught me to be less selfish and more self-aware. This awareness has led me to becoming slightly "crunchy". Google it, I use the word "slightly" because I like modern luxuries, but I'm learning there are other ways of living that may be more closely aligned with how we are choosing to raise our son. That being said, expect this blog to be filled with opinions and referrals. Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE to make recommendations. Whether its for a hair stylist, restaurant, new product, kid's toys, money saving ideas etc, I love to talk, and I love to share!

I look forward to taking this journey with you all!!