Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Feeling Inspired!

I know I'm new to the world of blogging, but I just got a great email back from  Tommee Tippee about their willingness to sponsor a review and giveaway. My very FIRST one! I'm so excited because being just "little old me" I never thought a large company would be open to working with a newbie. It feels like a tiny version of the American Dream! :) Stay tuned readers, great things are coming!! :) 

AND...part 2 of the stripping is almost complete pulled all the dipes out of the wash and they are sunning as we speak. Here's to hoping that yucky yeast is finally gone! I can not wait to be back in cloth. Even Polish Prince is ready. The disposables don't fit the same, they aren't nearly as soft, AND we bought a pack of 70 last Friday (3/9 just 4 days ago!)-yeah-we are halfway through it already. There's $20 I'll never see again. Wait, I will see it, when I take out the trash. :(. Nothing against sposie lovers, but being a cloth junkie, it's hard to see all those diapers go in the trash when I'm so used to seeing them go in the wash and come back to life! And I'll even admit it, when I change him in public, I'm not nearly as excited because there's nothing fun to look at! I changed him Sunday at Barnes and Noble and while I was changing him, he kicked the whole package of wipes in the trash, a WHOLE package! This is of course after I threw his dirty #2 diaper in there, so while frugal, i'm not crazy. There was no way I was going dumpster diving in a public bathroom trash after those wipes, so there's another $5 or so literally down the garbage! My whole diaper changing routine is just off with disposable diapers and wipes! So, back to the title of this post, I'm inspired that the dipes are sunning, his rash is about 85% clear, and cloth is back in the very near future!!


  1. I am actually wanting to use cloth diapers, frugal is a very good word, I wish I could have seen you when I was out there around Christmas, so we could talk, I am glad to hear that you like cloth better, any other baby insight you have for me, I am going to keep up on this blog of your cousin, because my baby is due August 9th. I love you and glad all is well, love and miss you! Good luck with all things baby!!! Kenzie

    1. You should really look into it! There is a huge cloth diapering presence on facebook and you can get some really good pre-owned deals for just starting out. Look for local stores that can give you a good 1:1 intro. It's so much easier now than it was years ago. If you start buying a few diapers here and there while you're pregnant it will totally pay off when the baby comes! There are also giveaways all the time through different blogs/companies on facebook so check them out! :)