Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cloth from birth!

Well everyone, my EXTREME delay in posting can only mean one thing. Baby K is here!  He was welcomed into the world by Polish Prince, B, and myself one month ago today and it's been crazy ever since! I'm happy to say I was able to achieve my completely un-medicated VBAC when it came to his delivery. (It didn't help that by the time we got to the hospital I was already at a 9.5! No time for meds now!).  Anyway, I thankfully had packed our hospital bags a couple days before and had plenty of fluff for our new little man! 

Very first diaper! Rumparooz Lil Joey!
Polish Prince getting in on the action

Welcome Baby K! 9lbs 13oz!

 I'll be doing a post on my experience with the various diapers we've tried. But just to give you an idea, we have: 

Such a good big brother!
We were only in the hospital for about 26 hours, so there weren't many shift changes in the staff, but all of the nurses and the on-call pediatrician loved little man's fluffy bum! One was shocked at how easy they were to change on top of how cute they were! Plus, he looked so awesome rocking the colorful diapers with the little half shirt the hospital provides. I had no issues with the mecomium coming out of the diapers when I washed them and all of the diapers we brought fit into a medium wet bag so there was no need to worry about the laundry until a couple days after we were home. Overall, it was such a great success and I'm so happy we did it (and are continuing)!