Sunday, March 11, 2012


No, this is not to support my cloth diaper addiction, it's time to get the yuckies out! My poor B has been struggling with yeast for the past week or so. Blame it on first-time-mommy-ness, but I didn't realize that it could:

A) Affect boys
B) LIVE in cloth diapers! I went to pick up some RLR (at one of my favorite local shops, Zoolikins) and get to work. Now, this has the potential to be 3 posts in one, so I'll try to stay with the issue at hand and not digress too much. After reviewing one of my all time favorite websites for cloth diaper info: Padded Tush Stats, I learned a little bit about the best way to kill yeast in CD's. Lots of HOT water and a good old fashioned strip. Since I tend to love Fuzzibunz, I have alot of microfiber inserts. Great for absorption, but also great for holding on to some nastiness. Out come all the pockets, all the AI2's unsnapped, liners and wipes dug out from every crazy place they end up getting stored. Now that I think I have all of them, here we go! The key is making sure they get a good wash first with detergent. I'm trying a new "make at home" recipe that I'll share in another post. I've also used Rockin Green and Lulu's in the Fluff, but I'm not taking any chances with this yeast monster. Also, AZ has notoriously hard water so the Borax in the at-home recipe will serve as a natural water softener. Who knew? :)

"They" say you should strip roughly every 6-8 weeks, and truthfully it's not that bad. Not really eco-friendly due to the excessive rinsing it takes with my HE frontloader, but overall not a bad process. I'm also fortunate enough to live in the Valley of the Sun, so my dipes can get a nice thorough sunning when they're done. Also a big help for killing yeast.

So, long story short, we're in sposies for the next week or so to make sure all that badness is completely gone. Insert mommy guilt here for not thinking of this sooner!!! Is 5 months too early for an apology milkshake?? :)

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