Sunday, March 11, 2012


This store gets their own post. I absolutely LOVE Zoolikins. To make sure I get this right, I'm quoting their website "It's a mother-owned and operated boutique focusing on safe, creative, natural products for baby and beyond; located in Old Town Scottsdale." When I first started with cloth-diapering, I would spend a good chunk of time there. The mommies that work there are not only super knowledgeable, but patient as well!! I'm still learning the CD terminology, and they have a great way of teaching you the necessary vocabulary without making you feel dumb! :) After my first couple pop-in sessions, I came out with a pretty clear understanding of the terminology. This was how I discovered my love for pockets, AIO's and AI2's. I'd almost venture to say (should baby #2 be in our future) I would give pre-folds a try! This is also why my stash is varied. Every time I go in there I get a tutorial on a new or different type of diaper and get inspired to give it a try!

Not only do they have a great selection of cloth diapers to learn about and explore (I'm a hands-on learner myself), but they have a little baby-wearing section too. You can just pop in and ask questions or sign up for any of their FREE cloth diapering and baby-wearing classes. Talk about a great service to the community!! My friend Amie and I have been frequenting the shop in the past couple months and they know us by name, and even when we go separately, they will mention the other person. What great customer service!! Polish Prince likes them too. He tends to get lost in the game/toy section! :) When we popped in yesterday, I promised him it would be a quick trip, I found him looking at all the fun wooden toys and skip hop gear! You know it's a good store when even dad's don't mind going!

I "like" them on Facebook and was excited to see they are offering a FREE baby music class at the end of the month. You can bet I'm going to be there! That will be a review to come later! :). Another note regarding their Facebook page. They are great about answering any questions you have regarding cloth diapering right on their Facebook wall. And if for some small reason they can't troubleshoot what you're going through, you can always call and they'll talk you through it over the phone. 

Long story short: I have no problem spending money at this store and feeling like I'm getting a good product that's been tested and retested and the moms there have personal experience with. You can also buy online and ship anywhere, or buy online and pick up locally. Totally convenient! Zoolikins has no clue that I'm doing this review, but I think I'll share it with them on Facebook just for some free publicity for them. I can't say enough good things about this place! I hope if you're in Scottsdale or cruising the internet for some fluff you'll check them out!!

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  1. I'd never heard of this store (being almost as far from Arizona as possible, while still living in the US) but I LOVE their website. At a first glace, I saw MotherEase Wizard Easystuff diapers-something I'd never even heard of. Can't wait to check out the whole site!