Friday, March 9, 2012

Finally, some cloth love!

I know I said this blog would be about cloth-diapering as well, so it's about time I do some writing! I'll start by saying "Hello, my name is Kristin, and I'm cloth diaper addict.".

I was first introdcued to the new way of cloth diapering about 5 or so years ago, back when I was still living in Wisconsin. My good friend Kate was (and is) a cloth diapering junkie! DISCLAIMER: I say this because it's true and Kate knows I love her dearly!! At that time I had just gotten engaged and was planning a wedding, I really had no desire to learn about diapers, baby-wearing, co-sleeping etc. But, Kate was so excited, I had to listen, at least with one ear! My take-aways from those early conversations were: Laundry, huge booties on these darling little babies, and a jam-packed diaper bag. Now, this is not to say Kate scared me from the idea, but it was probably my disinterest at the time that focused on some of the "scary" sides of CD'ing. Now, fast forward about 4.5 years.

 I'm pregnant, planning on going back to work, and looking into the idea of a diaper service. there is one, yes one, that comes recommended in this giant city of Phoenix. All pre-folds, there was talk of snappis, and wet pails, and folding different ways. Once again, I find myself in the world of intimidation and time. I didn't feel like messign around learning how to fold a piece of fabric, and I didnt like the idea that you didnt get the same diapers back that you turned in. I also began to worry about chemicals that were used to strip/shock the diapers from goodness knows what other babies had done in those same diapers. Call me a control freak, but this didn't seem appealing to me. So, sposies it is!

We did disposables until early this year, and looking back, I'm kind of glad we did. It made it easier for others to help, easier to get used to having a baby and changing diapers in the first place, easier to not have to worry about a specific laundry routine, and the list could go on. This was working well until we made the decision that I would become a SAHM. In an effort to save money, and because I felt like I would have the time to devote to learning a laundry routine, I scheduled a 1:1 info session with a new friend Amie. She showed me her cloth routine, brands she used and why, and basically made the whole process less intimidating. Next was a phone call to Kate, to humble myself and tell her I was contemplating (let's be honest-one click away from buying out an online diaper store) switching to cloth. You would have thought I told her I won the lottery!

We started little B in cloth around 4 months old. This was great because "little" B is not so little, he could already fit into Medium's in the sized diapers, and hopefully can wear them through potty training. We bought a variety of brands and styles to find what works best. Some of my favs so far are:
  • Fuzzibunz. I adore the Perfect Size for daytime-super trim so clothes don't fit weird! Their one-size is great too! Not as trim but not as bulky as many other one-sizes out there. They also are the most stain-proof that I've experienced.
  • BottomBumpers. I liked the one size and the sized, again trim and absorbent for daytime, and fun gender neutral prints!
  • BumGenius. I like the Freetime and Elemenetals, these are good for daddy, nothing to stuff, no side snaps (which seem to be difficult for my Polish Prince), just toss it in the pail when done
  • Thirsties. I like there new AIO, but I'm in love with their Fab Fitted Duo's for overnights. Those with a hemp insert are leak-proof for B
  • Rump-a-rooz. I think these are just fun. I love the inner gusset and the fact they come with two soakers. They also have some fun prints. 
Now, because I'm a self-declared "addict", I do have a couple other brands, the Go-Green Pocket diaper and the Grovia AIO. I haven't fully tested these yet, so I'll give my opinion later, but I do have very high hopes!I did try the Bumkins pockets as well. I got sucked in by the Dr. Seuss prints and the fact they were on a 2 for 1 sale! I still use these on laundry day or knocking around the house. They do their job, but they're not my favorite. The pocket has a large gap in the back so the insert tends to "poke" out. The microfiber insert can be harsh on sensitive bums. and I've found there are just some other brands that I prefer more.  

I plan to fill you in more on why I seem to prefer AIO's or pocket diapers as this blog progresses, but thought I would give you a little insight into my back story. I will also share with you some great local places to purchase these lovely goods at!


  1. Love that you decided to do cloth! It dose seem so intimidating at first, love your story :) Any mama can cloth diaper!

    1. My thoughts exactly! It's so much easier than "the olden days" Plus, who can resist all the great colors and prints?!

  2. You've still got to try some Best Bottoms! I love them! Fuzzibunz are my favorite pocket and Rumparooz are great too, but the Best Bottoms are an awesome AI2 (all in two.) They have sized inserts so that they aren't bulky on smaller babies and many options for fabrics. They are now coming out with trainers and I can't wait to try them! :)

  3. I wish more people from our area would use cloth diapers but unfortunately I am from a small town with very close minded people..I myself love cloth diapers and would not use anything else :)

    Elaina Wright