Thursday, March 8, 2012

B's Baptism

As some of you know, we had B baptized a few weeks ago. I credit Pinterest for a lot of my craftiness leading up to the event, but also got the opportunity to work with a great local business. I always had big plans for my wedding dress. I'm not the type of girl to spend a ton of money on a dress, wear it once, and then preserve it in a box under my bed for the rest of eternity. So, I decided-long before ever having children-that my dress would be fashioned into something for the future baby. Initially I was drawn to bassinet bedding, then reality hit that I would never be the girl that owned a bassinet. So, plan B. Baptism outfits!

I had this beautiful Maggie Sottero dress that was champagne with burgundy accents, perfect for piecing together a little mans outfit. I searched around and came in contact with a lovely woman named Gemma. Not only was she able to deconstruct my corseted wedding gown, she was able to piece it into a fantastic 3 piece outfit for B! Shirt, pants, a vest, and probably the most adorable bow tie you've ever seen! She was able to do it in my meager 3 week time-frame and for a VERY reasonable price!

Needless to say, B was quite the star on his big day! We're having her make a little girl's outfit too--who knows what the future may hold! If you are in the Phoenix metro area and need any type of sewing or alterations done, I highly recommend Gemma's Fashion! This is my own personal endorsement, Gemma probably doesn't even have a clue I'm writing this, I'm just beyond thrilled with my end  result and wanted you all to have the same great experience!

The "before"

The "after"

And for for future baby girl :)


  1. Wow! That is an amazing transformation!

    1. I thought so too!! I literally gave her a picture and we talked through my "vision" and it was better than expected!!

  2. That's awesome! But the thought of cutting up my wedding dress (even though its been 8 years and its hanging in my childhood closet at my mom's house 1200 miles away in Omaha) gives me a panic attack for some crazy reason! LOL! :)