Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Moms at the Movies

Ok, if you're anything like me (pre-baby), the thought of a bunch of moms WITH babies at a movie theater does not sound like a great way to spend the afternoon. Heck, even post-baby the idea of bringing my baby to the movies was a little intimidating. Would he sit still (relatively speaking) for that long? Would I even be able to watch the movie? Will he scream his adorable little face off for whatever reason he deems appropriate? All very valid concerns, so what do I do? Gather a great group of girlfriends and their babies and give it a whirl. Buy Buy Baby is sponsoring "Bring your Baby" to the movies. It's the first Tuesday of every month here in the Phoenix metro area. There are 3 theaters that participate and it's only $5! It's breast-feeding friendly, stroller friendly, a little bit brighter lights and a little bit softer sound. Not knowing what to expect, I bought tickets early and waited for my friends outside. Once we all arrived we headed into the theater. There were about 40-50 other moms with their kids varying from a few weeks to I'd say under 2 years old. There were blankets on the floor, carseats on normal seats, and strollers everywhere! It was fantastic!! We staked out a spot, got comfortable, and settled in. Wouldn't you know, B did so great!! About a half hour into the movie he got a little antsy, so I nursed him, then stood up (without people yelling "down in front!") and wrapped him in my carrier. We stood on the side of the theater until he fell asleep. He slept for the last 1.5 hours of the movie!! This was great news to me considering he has been protesting sleep in any form lately. Other babies were in varying forms of dis-interest throughout the movie, some crying, some yelling, some playing, etc. and I didn't notice one mom that seemed freaked out by it. It was like in this huge room full of virtually all strangers, we all shared some sort of bond. No one judging for being "that person bringing their baby to a movie" or for having the screaming kid, or nursing in public. It was just...dare I say...relaxing! It was the first movie post-baby for me, and first movie in a theater in a long time, but safe to say, I think I'll make this a habit! When I checked out the website it seemed multiple states participated in this type of event! I love the fact it was only $5. I brought my own popcorn, candy, and water. It didn't seem to be a big deal (although I did feel quite sneaky smuggling it in a diaper bag) :). I think its a great way to get some "me-time" despite being a "we".

Here's where to find out if there's a participating theater in your area! 

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  1. I had the same fears...but no such awesome way to go! That sounds great :)