Saturday, March 24, 2012

Custard'n Jelly Review/Giveaway

Sorry for all you foodies, this is not a food-based giveaway. But I assure you it's something just as sweet!! I was introduced to the company Custard'n Jelly from another blogger friend and am sure glad she sent them my way! This is a kid-created company, that also donates a proceeds of their sales to kid-based charities. It doesn't get more sugar coated and oozing in sweetness than that!! The premise of this business is guardian angel dolls. The backstory comes with every doll. I'll share it with you here:

 Hi, I'm Ally. When I was 8, I drew some pictures of guardian angels. i got the idea because my grampa is my guardian angel. I thought it would be cool if all kids had a guardian angel, and so my mom, my dad and I started this company. 

Each of our 7 angels has a unique emotional strength and pledges to watch over her young owner. 

We wanted to find a way that the angels could help other kids, too. so, we have joined forces with 3 children's charities. With every purchase, Custard'n Jelly will make a donation to one of the charities, and the child gets to choose which one! Find out more at

Naturally, I had to have one. Custard'n Jelly was so sweet to send me one to review and is giving one of my lucky readers a doll of their choosing! A little about the doll I chose. After reviewing their website here, I chose to review Laney. It was such a hard decision because they are all adorable and each have a great message. You can even see Ally's original drawings that were brought to life in doll form! I chose Laney for a few reasons:

1) I believe my mother is my guardian angel and for some reason, when I saw Laney, I immediately thought of my mom. 
2) Her training is in "making wishes". I make wishes every day. Most recently is this blog. My wish to share experiences, products, companies, advice with people in hopes of reminding them we aren't alone on this tumbling journey into parenthood. 
3) Her special skill is "painting rainbows". I love what rainbows symbolize, the peace and beauty after a storm. I think as parents we've all had those moments where you feel you're just riding the storm out and to me, a rainbow signifies you made it. Someone is looking out for you. 

Next to a dollar for a size comparison

While the doll is made for children 3 and up, I have no problem placing Laney in B's room as his guardian angel. I want him to know he always has someone looking out for him from above. While he may not understand the concept now, he will as he gets older, and as he learns about his grandmother, he can hold his guardian angel and know she's with him. 

Once I got Laney out and started to "play" with her for this review, I found the registration code to enter online to ensure another child is helped by registering this doll. The 3 charities you can choose from are:

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing pediatric HIV infection and eliminating pediatric AIDS through research, advocacy, and prevention, care, and treatment programs

Child Find of America, a nonprofit organization which helps reunite missing and abducted children with their families 

Children Incorporated, a non-profit organization that provides resources for children in need in the United States and abroad, because we passionately believe that children everywhere deserve education, hope and opportunity

The registration process is very easy and a great idea to start teaching children about the world. I feel that as parents it's our job to teach our kids that there is a world beyond them, children less fortunate, families in need, and children who's big concern is not "getting the newest video game" but actually "getting the newest treatment." What a great way to start this conversation and get kids involved! 

Overall I give this doll 5 stars! I think the concept is great, I think the story is great, I think the price is great ($14.99), and I think the message is amazing. I know I will be spoiling some birthday present surprises for family members, but my nieces will all be getting these dolls for their birthday/holidays. I only say nieces because I don't have any nephews yet. :) But these dolls will be great for boys  (as previously mentioned this doll will be going in B's room) and girls; any kid can dream and everyone needs a guardian angel!

Enter to win a doll of your choice below! 

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*This is not a paid posting. Thanks to the company for the complimentary review and giveaway items.*


  1. I like Lexi. Thank you


  2. laney

  3. Ally or Roxy. They are all adorable! :)

  4. I would pick Lexi. But They are all so cute

  5. I think Lexi

  6. I would LOVE to win Ally because that's my daughter's name! =)

  7. Hi It's Julie from Connecting Piece by Piece. Thank you so much on my Custard 'n Jelly post. I am hear for I would love the Ally guardian angel doll. It's to help my son with Autism to build Confidence. I want him to always believe in himself even though he is different from others.

  8. I'd choose Ally if I won.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  9. Oooh so hard to choose they are all so cool, but I think we'd choose Katie!

  10. Ally
    robinlscott4 at hotmail dot com

  11. I would choose Roxy! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!


  12. I would choose Ally.

    aniwilsonintx at hotmail dot com

  13. So cute! I would pick Katie because my youngest granddaughter's name is Katie! Thank you for the cute giveaway!

  14. I would love Laney

  15. I would choose Roxie for my son, Ryan. He is 4 and is my emotional son. He is fearful of some things and I want him to overcome his fears.

    my_2_cents at hotmail dot com

  16. I would choose Katie Guardian Angel.
    reejen5 at gmail dot com

  17. I would pick Roxy.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  18. I would choose Roxy - she looks like my niece