Monday, March 26, 2012

And we're back in cloth!!

So B and I are heading to Florida later this week to visit some family and I've been back and forth about bringing cloth diapers or putting him in sposies. I wanted to make sure the yeast was completely gone before I even entertained the idea of cloth. After stripping my stash I started testing them out again on Friday and so far so good! We still did disposables at night since he doesn't get changed overnight, but all day we had him in lovely fluff! 

B had his 6 month well-check today and the doctor confirmed the yeast is gone!!!! You would have thought he told me B was the next Einstein or something. I was so excited, so we're back to cloth full time! And just to give you an idea of how much of an addict I am, I contemplated buying a new diaper just to commemorate the occasion! But then I remembered I have a lovely diaper just sitting and waiting to be worn. It's a review diaper (wouldn't you know) that I've had prepped and just staring at me waiting to be loved. What better way to review the new fluff than putting it through the travel ringer! 

Any tips from you cloth-diapering mama's on travel? I don't think Polish Prince be too impressed with the idea of investing in a travel system (flips or something like them) so I'm planning on bringing my stash. But it will be a non-stop 4 hour plane ride, so I'll take any suggestions! 

Wish me luck and keep your eye out, my first official cloth diaper giveaway will be coming up soon!!

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