Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby's first vacation!

Thank you all for your patience the last week or so. We took our first "official" family vacation, complete with a plane ride this past week. We flew across country to visit B's Grandma KD, Grandpa Nando and Auntie Jamie. As a typical first time mom, I was terrified to take a baby on the plane. I had flashbacks of my own "pre-baby" judgmental comments, (internally, of course) and looks (externally, I'm afraid) to those other parents traveling with infants who were less than pleased to be cooped up on a plane. **We used an Ergo carrier through the airport which made traveling a breeze! Another point for babywearing! I also brought our Scootababy for around the house and a Solarveil Ring sling for the beach. It was great to have plenty of options and we even got Grandma KD and Auntie Jamie to babywear!** Polish Prince flew out with myself and B on the way there, and on the way home it was just baby and me. Overall, the plane was a success. He was a bit more vocal on the way home than I would have preferred, but it just gave me an excuse to get up and stretch my legs pacing the aisle and hanging out in the back galley! :) 

His first vacation included a fun trip to the beach and LOTS of swimming! He's been in swim lessons here since he was about 3 months old, but the beach was a whole new experience! He liked the dry much he wanted to eat it! Wet sand and waves however were a whole different story! It was so much fun getting to see his expressions as he explored his new environment. 

Since we were staying with family the whole time we decided to travel with our cloth diapers. I went back and forth a while on this one, but when Grandma so graciously offered up her washing machine I went for it! B needed a whole suitcase (carry-on size) just for his fluff!! We did sposies for the plane because I didn't want to travel with dirty dipes and cloth the rest of the time. I was surprised at how easy it was to travel with! When we went out and about in Florida I carried his wet bag, I didn't need to haul a huge diaper bag everywhere and it was fantastic! I also got the opportunity to visit a local cloth diaper shop in Tampa to pick up some detergent. They have a website and a storefront. You can check them out here. Super cute shop and super friendly staff! I was on the complete other side of the country, yet when I walked in this store, it felt so familiar and comfortable. I love the fluff family!!

We had such a fun time and already can't wait for the next trip!

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  1. Love your comment on "the fluffy family," it's so true :) Fluffy mamas just have an instant bond!

    Looks like B had a great vaca-so fun!