Sunday, March 3, 2013

A progressive new insert!

I always tell people when they start cloth diapering to expect a learning curve. It takes a couple tries to figure out a good wash routine, which style of diaper you prefer, which brand etc. And then the inevitable happens; baby changes and a new trial and error period begins.

Part of these changes (hopefully) involve baby sleeping longer. When baby starts sleeping longer, you'll start to enter the world of inserts. There are so many choices these days: natural vs. synthetic, then there's microfiber, hemp, hemp/cotton, charcoal bamboo, minky, and I'm sure I'm missing some here and there but you get the point. I used to obsess about making the sure right insert went with the right diaper. Meaning whichever insert came with said diaper would be the only insert to EVER go into that diaper. Yes, it's obsessive. But, I'm working on it, and in my quest for the "perfect insert" I was introduced to these little gems by Bumkins.

PUL backed minky inserts. Um, what? Yes, PUL backed inserts. Having the extra layer of PUL on the back of the insert gives you an extra layer of leak protection without adding bulk to your diaper. Putting this alone in my pocket diapers gives me easy 4+ hours without any leaks, and adding it with any other type of insert is a great nighttime option! We all struggle with getting pants over our little one's fluffy bums so having a trim diaper is important, especially for daytime.

Front and back. Soft AND Smooth

The minky is super soft so if it pokes through the top of the pocket and touches baby's skin, there's no issue. I would not recommend laying it on top of a pocket because the extra PUL layer would create a sandwich-like effect with the stay-dry top layer. Picture: minky, PUL, fleece, PUL. It would kind of defeat the purpose. Plus, it only takes one wash to prep and is super quick to dry. At only $9.95 for a 2-pack, you really cant go wrong! Check out Bumkins, and get a set to try for yourself! :)

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  1. We love our waterproof Bumkins inserts. They are awesome to use in a cover cause they protect the cover from getting wet. And you are 100% right in that they are soooo soft! One of my fav inserts for using with covers.