Friday, February 22, 2013

Making it Official

When I found out I was pregnant with B, Polish Prince and I had been going through fertility treatments so we knew in the back of our minds it was always a possibility. We were surprised with how quickly it happened, but overall, not super surprised that we were going to have a baby. With this one however, there was all sorts of surprises. With surprises, come fun announcements. So here are a couple ideas for announcing a second pregnancy.

1) Telling Polish Prince:
After my initial freakout started to subside, I started to think of fun ways to tell my hubby. I went to my good friends at Zoolikins for help. In addition to cloth diapers and other natural parenting products, they also sell a variety of Dr. Seuss items. I thought it may be fun to do a Thing 1 and Thing 2 theme. So I picked up a Thing 1 t-shirt for B and a Thing 2 onesie for the baby. When hubby got home from work that day, B was wearing his Thing 1 shirt. He immediately noticed and said "Whoa, cool shirt buddy! Where'd you get that?" So I told him I took a trip to Zoolikins and saw it and thought it was cute. Little did I know Thing 1 and Thing 2 were Polish Prince's favorite characters. So anyway, I told him that I picked him up something as well, but it was in his stocking (since it was close to Christmas time). So he went to open it and pulled out the onesie. He looked confused for a second, and then looked at me and it clicked.

2)Telling my family:
We were planning to visit the midwest for the holidays to tell the majority of our family the good news, but my father lives in AZ nearby, so we wanted to tell him before we went home. We put a recent picture of the 3 of us in a Christmas card and brought it to his house. We were giong to watch a football game, so we grabbed some beer on the way over. On the inside of the card we wrote:
Gas $3.22
6-pack of beer $8.00 (or whatever it was, I don't remember now :))
Christmas Card $1.00
Watching your face when you realize there are 4 of us in this picture: Priceless

It took him all of 30 seconds to figure it out. My step-mom was next to him and read the card over his shoulder and figured it out just as quick.

3) Telling the in-laws
This was supposed to be a fun Christmas present, we were going to try and figure out a way to have B help tell them our news. Well, since I was so sick right away, there was now way to hide it. My in-laws weren't buying the "flu" theory, so we ended up telling them at dinner the night we got into town.

4) Telling extended family:
My extended family has a Christmas Eve tradition of getting together at my Grandma's house for Santa and snacks. Each person receives a gift from Santa that they are allowed to open that night. For B's gift we wrapped a toy and a copy of the book "I'm going to be a Big Brother". When it was his turn to open, he opened the present and my cousin's daughter was sitting near him. Everyone was asking what the book was, and she read the title outloud. Everyone's face was pretty shocked as they started to "get it" and it was quite fun to get to see it in person.

We had some fun with the announcements this time around. Have any of you done anything fun/creative? I'd love to hear it! 

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