Thursday, July 19, 2012

10 months!

Well my dear little B, you've made it! 10 months today! It's crazy to see the little person you're becoming every day. You are a walking, climbing, (trying to) run, on-the-go little guy. You're constantly keeping us guessing with what you choose to play with. Your playroom is your territory, and you're bound to discover every last inch of it. If this means pulling up your SkipHop tiles to see the real floor underneath, you will do it! 

You love food and already have 8 teeth! I gave you a Pluot to hold the other day, and before I knew it you were devouring it! You did very well spitting out the pit. Such a silly guy! You still don't sleep all that well, but hey, with everything you're working on, who can blame you! 

You love to yell and test your new voice, it's actually pretty remarkable how high-pitched you can get. :) You love to say "da-da" and use it ALL the time. Yesterday, we took a little road trip with your cousin and you got such a kick out of the taxidermy decorations at this silly little general store.

I love experiencing all of your new firsts with you, but do me a favor, slow down a little please!!

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  1. Grandma says slow down till I get there... Please... only a few more weeks!! xoxox