Thursday, June 7, 2012

Music is my time machine

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”
-Victor Hugo

I love music. I try to have music playing more than I have the television on. I try to expose B to as many different types of music as possible. At this point, I still get to choose the music, and to be honest, I'm trying to avoid Barney-type songs for as long as possible! Certain songs have the ability to transport me back to different places, not just in spirit, but in feelings. When a memorable song hits the radio or my mp3 player, I can instantly go back to a certain time in the past. Here are a few of my favorite memory triggering songs:

  • Stay with You-John Legend--This is Polish Price and my wedding song
  • Anything Barry Manilow--My mom was a HUGE Barry Manilow fan, our wedding DJ even found a CD of instrumental Barry music to play while people were being seated
  • Anything Jimmy Buffett--This one is for my dad. A true Parrot-head, I didn't start appreciating the works of Mr. Buffett until my 20's
  • Danny's Song-Loggins and Messina--For some reason, this song is the song I've given to B. The day he was born this song popped in my head. We didn't find out what we were having until he was born, but without skipping a beat this song entered my head and never left.
Truthfully, I could go on for a while about music and where it takes me (especially the college/high school years that for some reason they are playing on the "classic hip-hop/rock/pop stations...classic? really?), but I'd love to you have any songs that take you back?? 

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