Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Modern Mommy Indeed!

One of Phoenix's little gems is Modern Mommy Boutique, a mommy boutique in the East Valley. This cute store is unlike anywhere else in the valley--in my opinion. Started by a mother, this store caters to moms, and I'm not talking like the Motherhood section in Macy's. This store has everything from baby clothes and accessories, to diaper bags, to the most beautiful selection of nursing bras around. Yes, I did just use "beautiful" and "nursing bras" in the same sentence. There is so much to talk about, I'm going to warn you if my thoughts seem scattered! :) 

First, and foremost, I found out about this store when I was about 6 months pregnant. I had decided I was going to give breastfeeding a try and didn't want to commit to purchasing a pump. I called around to a couple hospitals and other baby stores, and Modern Mommy was always recommended for renting hospital-grade pumps. They carry Ameda and Medela pumps, including my personal favorite, the Medela Symphony. Not only do they offer daily rates, but weekly and monthly rentals! Perfect for any situation! This store is so breastfeeding friendly they offer a weekly breastfeeding support group (led by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant {IBCLC}) and monthly nursing classes! I've read that one of the biggest reasons women stop nursing is lack of support. How fantastic to have access to a resource like this after being discharged from the hospital! 

My next "brush" with Modern Mommy was in a mom's group I attend weekly. A woman was asking about comfortable nursing bras. After having worked at Victoria's Secret in college, I knew how many people wear the wrong size bra--nursing or not. Pregnancy does all sorts of crazy things to one's body and trying to keep track of your size is a nightmare! Not to mention some bras come in S, M, L, and XL. I personally am not a fan of this sizing for anything above the waist that's not pajamas. Let's face it, things just fit differently up there! She was referred to Modern Mommy with the phrase "Just go. You'll see what I mean" When you go to Modern Mommy, not only will you find a fantastic selection of nursing apparel, but you'll find nursing lingerie. YES! LINGERIE! Colors, and lace, and patterns in sizes from 32A-48K! Just because you're pregnant or nursing doesn't succumb you to a life of white, black, or nude. There's nothing wrong with a little lingerie here and there to give you some extra sass when your body goes up and down and your hormones are out of whack. While you're looking at the fantastic selection, a certified bra fitter (on staff) will help you find the best fit and style for you. I know it doesn't sound like much, but to a new mom, feeling like someone actually "gets" what you want and how you're feeling is the greatest gift!

As a new mom, there is so much information about what's best for you and for your baby. It can be so overwhelming trying to narrow it all done. Big box stores can add to this confusion by offering anything and everything under the sun. Going to a boutique gives you a more personal touch. Talisha, the fabulous owner, hand-picks the products she carries and truly stands behind them. She has a few cloth diapers, an array of baby carriers and will teach you how to wear them and work with you to find what works best for you. There are infant toys, not just your everyday run of the mill plastic blocks, but developmental toys! She chooses to carry products that are not only "must-haves" but organic, renewable, and sustainable whenever possible. There's something to be said about a small business owner that not only cares about her customers, but about the environment as well. One conversation with Talisha will let you know she's not environmentally conscious because it's "trendy" but because she truly believes in the preservation of valuable resources and providing her customers with the same products she would provide her own family.

While this store does have a baby/child component, it's truly a store for moms. A place where moms can be heard, understood, valued, and treated like friends. A place where you're not a number on a receipt, your child is not "a future consumer" but someone who deserves the best at the best price. Not to mention the confidence boost that inevitably comes after buying "a little something" that makes you feel sassy after just having a baby. If as a new mom you do nothing else for yourself, do this, go to Modern Mommy, check it out, see what they have to offer, and indulge a little (not in the price; in the experience! )

Sorry to non-local mommy's on this one. There is not a "shop online" component...yet. A little birdie told me one is in the plans, so keep your fingers crossed for an online shop by the end of the year!

**This review is of my own personal opinion and experience. I have not been compensated in any way for this review**


  1. I wish I would have known about this when I needed nursing bras! Great post! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Literally the ONLY place I can find my size. You can't just order a bra off the internet without trying it on... especially a nursing bra. There are some beautiful bras there- unfortunately, those aren't in my size so often- read: rare size. I did get a really nice bra and nursing cami (that actually doubles as a fully supportive bra) last week. While these are "investment" items, they are totally worth it when you consider the months- even years of breastfeeding ahead.

  3. Talisha at Modern Mommy is the best! Great review for a great place!